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A Big Byte of Games
Welcome to Bytten Reviews. In 2003 we decided to review indie PC games and we published a new game review each week, give or take, until 2013.

We've stopped reviewing games but you can find our old reviews here and we will still run banner advertisements. We would like to thank every developer who submitted a game or news item, and every visitor who still reads our reviews.

Classic Reviews

Bronze Star
Xeno Sola, published 22 Aug 2008
By the developerís own admission, Xeno Sola is a PC adaptation of the German tabletop card game Carcassonne; a game that has a solid fan base and has been established for many years now. Xeno Sola adds a dash of science fiction flavouring into this already... Full review...

Bronze Star
Mini Chess, published 15 Aug 2008
Two great armies, equal in size and strength, stare across the field at each other. One dark, one white, both committed to the destruction of the other. Then the advance begins, soldiers charging towards the foe - many will die in defence of their king. As... Full review...

Gold Star
Ancient Quest of Saqqarah, published 04 Jul 2008
I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If those wizards at Codeminion ever turned their attention to something a little more absorbing than marble poppers and tile matches, the result could well be spectacularly successful. Such is their att... Full review...

Bronze Star
Crystals of Altaxia 2, published 05 Sep 2008
As is the case with a good few action games out there, the plot in Crystals of Altaxia 2 runs fairly thin. Perhaps the game being a sequel has something to do with it, but not having played the original, Iím unsure. In any case, all that is known is that t... Full review...

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