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A Big Byte of Games
Welcome to Bytten Reviews. In 2003 we decided to review indie PC games and we published a new game review each week, give or take, until 2013.

We've stopped reviewing games but will keep our old reviews on the site for the time being. We would like to thank every developer who submitted a game or news item, every advertiser, and every visitor who still reads our reviews.

We don't accept new game reviews or press releases so please remove our address from any mailing lists.

Classic Reviews

Gold Star
Tickle Dice, published 13 Jul 2012
I have a new favourite solitaire game. It's called Tickle Dice. Being a bit of a golf aficionado, I'd often find myself going to Fairway Solitaire more often than not, but recently, I've been playing this game more than my old favourite. A g... Full review...

Bronze Star
Crystal Hunters, published 08 Jun 2012
Grab your fedora, hitch a bullwhip to your belt and ready your one-liners about snakes - we're going crystal hunting! Two intrepid adventurers - Thomas and Amelia - are all set to grab all those sparkly gems in their quest for fame and fortune. Pick y... Full review...

Bronze Star
PigRange, published 06 Jul 2012
Pigs! Pigs everywhere! Prancing about like they've gone mad! I'm sat here with a rifle in my hands. There's nothing else for it. Ready! Aim! Fire!... Full review...

Silver Star
Reflexio, published 17 Aug 2012
I guess that it was probably the commercial release of Portal that set the bar for games that toy with our sense of spatial awareness. I think that its a brilliant premise for a puzzle game to do this. We tend to perceive reality in terms of how it relate... Full review...

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