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Radical Poesis Games and Creations

Studio Profile
RPGCreations got its start in the OHRRPGCE community designing RPGs using James Paige's Hamster Republic RPG creation engine. Two notable OHRRPGCE releases were Sword Of Jade, a philosophical RPG, and Missing, a graphic adventure along the lines of NES classics like Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom and Shadowgate, which was one of the most popular Independent games of the year. In 2006, RPGCreations began to branch out from the OHRRPGCE with the release of the game Alphasix, a cross between fighting games like Street Fighter, shoot-em-ups like Smash TV, and strategic trap-setting games like Spy vs. Spy.

Product Catalogue
City of Dreams (2005), Sword of Jade (2005), Alphasix (2006), Missing (2006), Immortal Defense (2006), Fedora Spade (2006).

Published Reviews