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A Big Byte of Games
Welcome to Bytten Reviews. In 2003 we decided to review indie PC games and we published a new game review each week, give or take, until 2013.

We've stopped reviewing games but you can find our old reviews here and we will still run banner advertisements. We would like to thank every developer who submitted a game or news item, and every visitor who still reads our reviews.

Classic Reviews

Silver Star
Invadazoid, published 05 Mar 2007
It's such an obvious idea that I'm surprised no-one thought of it before. Take two classics of gaming, Space Invaders and Arkanoid, and fuse them together. The result? Invadazoid, of course. Take out invaders from space by bouncing a ball off the... Full review...

Silver Star
My Worst Day World War 2, published 21 Feb 2007
Peter Slappesen was working on a fishing boat out at sea in 1940 when the Nazis invaded Norway. He decided to head to England where he joined the fight against the Axis powers. For a few years he worked for the millitary in London before being posted to Sc... Full review...

Bronze Star
Solved!, published 16 Mar 2007
This offering from Enigma Games is a simplistic and somewhat fun jigsaw puzzle game that can be enjoyed over a cup of coffee. It plays using mouse input only (presumably so that you can hold your cup in your non-mouse hand), and is about as casual as casua... Full review...

Silver Star
Mr Robot, published 11 May 2007
So when is a game not a game? Give up? When it's two games, of course! Our review game this week is a fine example of what can happen when a designer takes two ideas that on their own would make for a good game, and combines them using a top storyline... Full review...

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