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Finding Your Niche - Part 2

"There are no free lunches."
At least that's what my Economics instructor always intoned to his students. This instructor could have added "everything has its price" and "nothing is ever certain."

Even if the average Indie developer does everything right, he or she may never sell many games and drift away from the Indie scene. At the same time, among the millions of online business ventures there are definite success stories as well. Where are these success stories? Let's narrow this down a bit.

A space station for you.

The commercial market is almost devoid of space simulation games. There was at one time a wellspring of these games but it has since itself become a niche market - a niche filled by a number of independent developers. One of the most successful of these developers is Starwraith 3D Games.

Starwraith Games' success is built not only on the niche market it caters to, but also in creating an excellent product and incorporating many of the business strategies mentioned in Part one of this article.

Among Starwraith Games past achievements are the mission-based combat sims, Starwraith 1-4, Riftspace (an open-ended mercenary combat sim), and the Evochron series involving scripted missions, a mercenary job-board, trading, and excellent exploration. The game Arvoch Conflict is the latest game carrying on the tradition of the earlier Starwraith series.

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