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Bytten Ernie Awards 2010

Most Interesting Feature That Didn't Quite Work - Vitamini Game by Codygain Games
Well I suppose that the concept does work in the context of the game, but it could have been so much more. The premise is a Tetris style block clearing game, but the player can freely manipulate the falling blocks and at a pace that they desire. Each time the rubbery blocks bump into each other or the walls, a musical “chink” tone is played in harmony with the background music. More often than not, the goal of solving the puzzle goes out the window, and just playing around by bumping pieces into each other becomes the primary entertainment.

It's an engaging and relaxing concept that has surprisingly gone unused in games like this before. But the only way to import any other music other than the included track into the game though is by a manual editing of a data files. Unless you're a musician and comfortable with modifying some in-game files (that wipes about 98% of people that are likely to try out this casual game) then you're stuck with just the included background music track. I can't help but feel that the potential for a brilliant and innovative game has gone begging.

Vitamini Game Constellation

Best Coffee Break Game - Constellation by Paper Dragon Games
The classic example of a game that's easy to learn but boasts a great deal of thoughtful gameplay and diverse strategy. One game can last as little as a few minutes, and an entire series can be played in the time it takes for you to finish your sandwich at lunch.

Make no mistake though that the game is addictive and the AI is competent enough to stretch those coffee breaks out to a lot longer than you might have planned. A simple and attractive looking game that can be played entirely with the mouse. Arm yourself with a hot beverage in the non-mouse hand and you're set to go!

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