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Bytten Ernie Awards 2012

Best Overall - Din's Curse: Demon War
Soldak Entertainment have scored a second Ernie in as many years with their hack'n'slash dungeon crawler. Demon War is an add-on pack that introduces new monsters to Din's Curse, but they went further than that by adding new artwork, new items and a whole range of new quests. The empty vial is one of the more interesting items on offer, allowing the player to gather water, beer and even more unusual substances from the dungeon. The addition of the Demon Hunter class is also very worthy and the range of achievements is a great touch, too.

This is a thoroughly deserved award. Soldak have not been content with a merely excellent game and have spent a lot of effort to enhance and expand on the experience. Good for you, Soldak - have a second Ernie!

Din's Curse: Demon War Drains

Most Ambitious - Drains
I don't know what else to say about Drains beyond the award itself - this is one of the most ambitious games I've ever seen at Bytten. The basic premise is simple enough - cross from one side of the level to the other, scrapping with various enemies on the way - but the underwater visuals are simply epic. My computer struggled to run smoothly at times!

Alas for Drains, the gameplay itself was a little unforgiving - and simple. I soon found myself outclassed by my enemies and stuck on the same level. Ambition somewhat overshone what was possible, and this curious game didn't quite have what it took to hold my attention. Still, that's what this Ernie is - a recognition of those developers that dare to achieve the impossible, even if they fall on the way. The results may not be all that you hoped but they're usually better than you'd otherwise expect. Keep on over-reaching!

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