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Epiphany Games

Studio Profile
Epiphany Games is an indie developer located in the heart of Sydney Australia. Consisting of a small team of 5-10 people, it was started by our CEO Morgan Lean in an effort to create games that true gamers actually want to play. He left Disney in order to fulfill the dream of making something that he himself would actually want to play. Frozen Hearth is its first major release.

Product Catalogue
Frozen Hearth (2012) Frozen Hearth is an RTS that looks like it was made by a much bigger developer. It combines RTS and RPG elements to create a game that focuses on micro-managing your armies rather than scrambling to find resources and build multiple structures. It also involves the creation of one hero per each faction. The heroes are much like an RPG character in that they can be upgraded along with choose certain spells that have immense effects on the battle field.