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HermitWorks Entertainment Corporation

Studio Profile
HermitWorks Entertainment Corporation is an independent game company founded in 2004 by Cameron and Marcia Tofer. Located in Grande Prairie Alberta, the focus is on fun games that everyone can enjoy, from the casual to hard core gamer. The HermitWorks management team have held key roles on projects that have shipped millions of copies world wide. Their experience with designing, producing and deploying products in multiple languages and platforms has created a solid foundation for the company to grow from.

Product Catalogue
Space Trader(2007) Space Trader is a video game you play in Windows or MAC. Become a Trader, buy and sell commodities to amass a fortune beyond your wildest imagination. To increase this fortune, accept bounty missions that combat crime bosses and their thugs. You can play alone or with friends and family in the mutiplayer mode. Space Trader is designed so hardcore gamers and new comers can play alongside each other it gives everyone a chance to get in the game and have fun.

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