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Smart Lines

Published by Rototo Studio
Price $17.95
Primary Genre Secondary Genre

Smart lines is a simple strategy game that is wonderfully implemented. You can play against the computer if you want, but this game is essentially two player. Players take turns to drop a ball on a 4x4 grid, balls can be stacked. The aim is to make a line of four in any dimension or diagonal.

The main game board. You can rotate and pitch the level with the mouse.

The presentation is perfect. Soothing oriental music accompanies the game, and the subdued colouring and gentle background movements creates a calming and mesmeric atmosphere to play. The menu is tucked away at the side of the board, and everything about this game is stylish and beautiful. The game is fully 3D, the board is tilted and swivelled by dragging with the right mouse button.

The only options in the game concern the volume levels and difficulty levels when playing against the computer. Although the game could work on any size of board, 4x4 works best because any larger amount would be too impractical to play. Anything larger would make strategic thought and manipulation of the board too difficult.

The game strategy is simple, perhaps too simple for some, and there are no timers or power-ups, but those things are not necessary here and may have spoiled the simple charm and attractiveness of the game. Smart Lines is like a perfectly hand crafted wooden game set.

Smart Lines is not Halo or Half Life but, as a four in a row game, I can't think of any obvious way in which the game can be improved without changing the type of game. The simplicity and beautiful elegance of Smart Lines turns an easy to understand concept into something that pleases on all levels. Greater than the sum of its parts, Smart Lines demonstrates the perfect implementation of a simple idea; it is a masterclass in the art of computer games.

Graphics 92%
Sound 92%
Playability 85%
Longevity 50%
Overall Score 96%
Gold Star

Published on 14 Jan 2004
Reviewed by Mark Sheeky

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