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Published by InsanePlay
Price $19.95
Primary Genre Secondary Genre

Our latest game, InsanePlay's Fusion, describes itself as the definitive tile game that will challenge your mind and reflexes in a fast-paced action puzzle setting. The game description is actually very apt - this did challenge my reflexes and it is a very good tile-based game, but is it really the best of the genre?

It looks looks too easy here... Bonus levels alter the play style slightly.

I'll start off with the game presentation as it's unusual to find a puzzle game that looks so polished. From the moment you start, the whole game oozes class, from the excellent graphics and clear menus to the music and sound effects. It really is a treat to play a game that looks this good!

Fusion is a variation of the many tile-based games you come across in gameland. The play mechanic is simple; fire randomnly coloured blocks at a grid of coloured blocks to create a string (or fusion) of same-coloured blocks that will then disappear. Unlike other similar games, Fusion is played on an isometric board.

Those white blocks are going to hamper progress, you mark my words! Only one thing to say... Don't Panic!

We do have a few new tricks with Fusion to help you reach higher levels. For a start, you can fire your coloured blocks from two different angles, allowing for a variation in your strategy. Secondly, you have limited control over the many bonus items that appear on the board, since they appear at random placements and you can choose how and whether to use them or not.

Three game modes are available for playing, though with little difference between them. Classic mode is simple level-based action where you must destroy a set number of tiles per level. Bonus levels help split the action up. Survival mode dispenses with the levels and has you endlessly fighting to stay alive. Puzzle mode removes the pressures of timers and has you playing for high scores by eliminating tiles in the most efficient way.

All three modes are fun to play, especially when the difficulty selector at game start is actually just a start-level indicator (so you don't need to start on the early levels each game). The available bonus items are quite limited, but they keep you thinking during play and you'll probably challenge yourself to use them wisely.

I've already said how well this game is presented, but I should add that the graphics particularly stand out. This is how all puzzle games should look, and future game submissions are going to have a lot to live up to from now on! Even the audio is a high point - I actually found myself humming along to the music at one point.

So, is it the definitive tile game? No. Fusion is an excellent game and it does everything really well, but the ultimate tile game would have more modes, and more variation. As it is, Fusion is worth the asking price but we'll have to wait a little longer for the 100% rating for a tile game.

Graphics 94%
Sound 88%
Playability 92%
Longevity 84%
Overall Score 92%
Gold Star

Published on 06 May 2005
Reviewed by Hayden Yale

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