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Puzzle Z

Published by Andy Jurko
Price $14.95
Primary Genre Secondary Genre

Puzzle Z is a very simple three in a row game. A segment of three horizontal balls appear at the bottom of a grid and you can move the segment and shift the pieces before you shoot them up the table. The aim is to make a row of three of the same design.

The balls fall upwards in Puzzle Z.

There is not much more to the game than the above paragraph. The graphics of the balls are beautiful fractal designs, but there are few other graphics and no special effects. When you score a line the balls instantly vanish without so much as a sound effect. There is a high score table too so you can compete with yourself.

Pleasant music plays in the background and you can select the tune from one of four, but there is no other sound. The game has no time constraint so this is a relaxing puzzle game in the style of many that have gone before it.

All of the special effects are missing but the fundamentals are there, and what is there looks nice enough and works well. The simple Windows interface is easy to use and the rules are explained and simple to understand. Plenty of hobby games don't make it this far.

A nice simple game from Andy Jurko. His website has a few other games on there too, so if you want a small and simple game to play in a window then Puzzle Z or one of his other games might fit the bill.

Graphics 60%
Sound 60%
Playability 60%
Longevity 50%
Overall Score 60%
Bronze Star

Published on 29 Jul 2005
Reviewed by Mark Sheeky

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