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Published by White Elephant Games
Price $19.95
Primary Genre Secondary Genre

An army of humanity pits itself against the Legions of Hell! Humanity has discovered that Immortal Life can be obtained once the Netherworld of Hell and it's denizens have been obliterated; a war is brewing and you've been recruited to lend a hand in this epic battle! White Elephant Games has you join forces with three characters: The Death, Halloween, and my favorite - Rock and Rol, in their game R.I.P. - Hell Defenders.

Stanley Kubrick, eat your heart out! Mmmmmmm... protein fortified snow - Yummy!

Like many other top-down shooters, your character is placed center-screen. However, in RIP you are in a gun-turret that freely rotates 360 degrees. The game consists of many levels - each level in a different terrain with a plague of Nasties edging closer to your turret with the intent of eliminating you. Your enemies range from soldier ground-troops, to weaponless "pig-terriers". Sounds rather like a tried and true scenario - but don't leave yet gentle gamer! Sit down. Get comfortable. Let's take a closer look... .

RIP can initially be decieving. The opening screen which links to game options, initially made me fill a bit uneasy with it's "cartoonish" imagary - I did not know what to expect from this title. Hesitantly, I moved forward... and was impressed with the in-game use of visuals. All of the game elements moved smoothly - targeting cursor, enemies, and bullets.

Janitorial services will get a bonus for cleaning this up.

Furthermore, while the player's turret is fixed, during some levels the play-field is larger than the screen and the cursor can pull the playfield off-center in order to target at a greater distance. I also found the game's use of color well-done - terrain colors, color-difference in my character's gun-turret, enemies, power-ups, perks, and carnage - I was never in doubt as to where and what things were on the screen.

The in-game music suits the game well, adding to the ambiance. At the begining of each level, we're treated to a gutteral voice prompting you along as well as at the completion of a level. You'll be treated to weapons-fire, explosions, death howls of dying enemies (and oh, how those pig-terriers squeal!), and wet "splats" as your bullets make thier mark.

I have had a fun time while playing this game; the graphics are vivid, the in-game sound effects and music score is appropriate, and everything works smoothly. All seriousness aside, RIP made me laugh - not at the game, but rather with the game. This game moves along quickly, and I would often catch myself laughing at the end of each level in something akin to a post-adrenaline release "I survived the onslaught!". RIP is a fun game to have around for an adrenaline surge from time-to-time.

RIP is a game that will provide a player with lasting play - once the 40 levels are complete (no easy task that) you'll have the opportunity to play through the levels again as one of the other characters provided. Each character has 2 unique character-specific skills (abilities for decimating your enemies); skills which increase with combat experience.

Add to this 6 weapons to use, battlefield bonuses, and the further choice of gameplay at "easy", "medium", and "hard" - well, you'll be kept plenty busy with the variety RIP offers. Add to this RIP's alternative play-mode, or "rush-mode" for insane target-practice, and we have a game that offers both variety and longevity. Finally, RIP also comes with a child-mode of play that dilutes the carnage for youngsters in the house.

When all is said and done, White Elephant Games has given the gaming world a surprisingly fun game with a few twists on an old standard - the top-down shooter - in the form of their game, RIP. With colorful graphics that remind me of games from the early 1990's, an assortment of characters and play-options, and a background story, RIP offers fans of top-down arcade shooters a package well worth taking a look at. While RIP lacks the foreboding darkness and grim look of Crimsonland (a game that was and is held in high esteem by fans of top-down shooters), do not be fooled - RIP packs a punch with variety and longevity that will satisfy fans for sure!

Graphics 75%
Sound 70%
Playability 75%
Longevity 78%
Overall Score 75%
Silver Star

Published on 24 Feb 2006
Reviewed by David Simpkins

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