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BallPlay Maximum

Published by JBC-Soft
Price $14.00
Primary Genre Secondary Genre

BallPlay Maximum is a puzzle game in the guide the flow mould. The aim is (probably) to get a series of bouncing grey spheres to move onto one of several grey squares with EXIT written on them by placing reflecting mirrors in the path of the constantly moving balls.

Sometimes the game looks like a Spectrum era title. Close up.

Graphically this game is very crude. The levels consist of bright red and grey flickering lumps that fill the levels and move in half-second chunks. There are some fractal backgrounds to spice up the levels, and objects are usually easy to identify but generally this is a game that looks extremely dated.

There is also no sound, not so much as a click. There is a lack of instructions or any guide for the player, which is inexcusable. Anyone who can program a computer can write some instructions.

When playing, balls constantly flit and bounce around each level. A limited number of obstacles per level can be placed in the path of these balls with a click. The game mixes timing with puzzle strategy as balls are directed, usually with angled mirrors, to the exits. Items are placed in a strict grid but if you make a mistake expect no mercy, or undo.

An icon called Armageddon seems to think through the current level in an accelerated way to avoid those embarrasing moments of boredom when you've used up your quota of items yet aren't sure if you have completed the level. A level designer is provided, which is a bonus for any game

There are some inventive ideas here, some blocks are eaten away as in Breakout for example and there are droids and ghosts that crop up in the later levels, but this game desperately needs better presentation and clearer instructions. A simple text file of what to do would instantly improve the game. New graphics and smooth movement, and some sound and music are in my opinion vital to make this a serious attempt at a modern casual game.

An inventive idea with below average graphics can work, but this idea is not very original and the graphics are way below average. Presentation of a game is everything and in its current state this game looks and acts far too poorly to have mass appeal.

Graphics 18%
Sound n/a
Playability 60%
Longevity 70%
Overall Score 30%
No Award

Published on 03 Mar 2006
Reviewed by Mark Sheeky

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