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Blobbit Dash

Published by Cheeky
Price $8.99
Primary Genre Secondary Genre

Blobbit Dash is cheap and simple web based game from Java afficionados Cheeky. The aim is simply to guide a character around with the arrow keys, pick up the cute little creature things and walk into the exit. Mechanically moving enemies will take your life if you wander into their path.

These perfectly sane looking people made it. Level twenty-something and my 4Ghz PC is updating the screen at creakingly slow pace.

Graphically this 2D game is nice. Echoes of the old Zelda game indicate the mobile phone origins of the developers, but the bright colours and cute nature of the objects work well enough. There is enough animation and sparkle to keep things interesting visually. The main character looks almost exactly like Berk, the plasticine star of Aardman's old television program The Trap Door. The sound wouldn't work for me for some reason.

With regards to playability, this is a very simplistic game. The enemies move in set patterns so the skill is object avoidance in the classic Frogger style. It's a rarely used dynamic nowadays, possibly because it's rather boring for anyone over ten years old. Blobbit Dash might be perfect for children but I didn't find it addictive enough to usurp office hits like Minesweeper.

Each level presents more enemies but that's all you get. No story and not many rewards for your efforts so I can't imagine anybody playing this for an hour and wanting more. Oddly I suffered severe slowdown and on the later levels my ultra-modern PC was reduced to a shambling wreck that would make an Oric or Tandy Color Genie point and laugh mockingly.

Blobbit Dash is a low priced game but there are hundreds of free ones out there that offer the same type of gameplay. The graphics and presentation are good and the download works cross platform which is nice, but it's hard to highly rate a game that is this shallow in terms of playability.

Graphics 81%
Sound n/a
Playability 31%
Longevity 15%
Overall Score 51%
Bronze Star

Published on 28 Apr 2006
Reviewed by Mark Sheeky

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