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Frozzic's Revenge

Published by Twilight Games
Price $24.99
Primary Genre Secondary Genre

Dah, those evil wizards. Just when you think you've seen the last of them, up they pop and start trouble. This time Frozzic has caged enough magic birds to bring down an entire cloud city, and it's up to you to frantically free the feathered friends from the feisty foe.

The white thing is the cursor. Part of the nice looking intro sequence.

Fozzic's revenge is puzzle game with an original idea. Each level is an arrangement of coloured balls. The player is provided with a specially designed cursor, one of a particular shape like a stencil that spans several balls. The aim is to put the cursor somewhere so that three or more balls of the same colour fill the cursor spaces and none of the other hues.

Anyone know that cypher where you put a piece of holed paper over a book page and the right letters show though? It's like that but with colours.

I could remove those three...

Click at that point and the balls vanish. Remove all balls and the level is done. Oh, and gravity applies to the level. Any balls that are not attached to anything tumble downwards to make the game more interesting than an 'un-jigsaw'.

Start the game and the plot is described in some very nice bitmapped storyboard graphics and the quality continues in the visual department. The balls are all animated. This can be a little hypnotic with a full screen but it doesn't get annoying in any way. It's a shame that the original idea once again uses mere 'coloured balls' but hey ho, you can't have everything.

The game is simple enough to pick up but you also get the customary instruction pages to tutor the clay minded.

The background music is soothing and appropriately medieval sounding for the setting of the game. Other sound is minimal.

There are lots of levels and extra features like special balls to add depth. The levels are played world by world and can be picked at will. Levels can be skipped and the last move can be undone (a nice feature). There are no solutions though, this was a bit surprising for such a well polished game but not very serious because you can always skip to the next level anyways.

The general level of presentation is great, even to the extent that if it crashes you get a customised "We apologise but an unrecoverable error has occurred." How nice. This error happened to me when I quit and attempting to play again later but otherwise the game seems very solid.

Frozzic's Revenge was a pleasant surprise. From the screenshots on the website, it looks bland and cheap but there is a lot of high quality game here and it is above average, even in the increasingly high quality indie zone.

Graphics 75%
Sound 50%
Playability 80%
Longevity 90%
Overall Score 79%
Silver Star

Published on 06 Jun 2003
Reviewed by Mark Sheeky

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