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Downfall 2

Published by Norbyte
Price $14.95
Primary Genre Secondary Genre

There are quite a few variants on a theme of Tetris and many use colours instead of shapes. What makes Downfall instantly look different is the 3D layout of the game, including all text and floating zooming menu screens. It's all very remiscent of the early days of 3D when wireframe games like Star Wars were 3D all over.

The 'Rough Gems' Game. Three in a row will do it. 'Aspen' starts with a mountain of unreactive blocks.

The game itself is simple. A vertical line of blocks appears and drifts down. You can't rotate the stack but you can move it left and right and shift the order of the blocks inside. Make a line of three the same colour and they vanish.

Players can choose any level to play from the many worlds. Special blocks, and the size of the stack can vary from level to level. Some levels have pre-set layouts and some seem to end prematurely, giving you the chance to compete for a place on the level specific high score tables. These options help the game play a lot.

The game help screen.

Lose a game and you hear 'Game Over' in a deep voice that reminded me of the M.C.P. in Tron, but this is the only sound of note. End of line.

The graphics consist in the main of polygon designs. The textures are little more than black blotches on the otherwise chromanant blocks. It all looks like a Nintendo game, not much lighting and very bright colours. The screens fly about and zoom around and this animation and presentation greatly improves what would otherwise be a boring game to look at. The main play area frame knocks and wobbles along with every block impact and adds to the styling of the game.

You've probably played games just like this before and this is a fine but not exceptional example of the genre. The gameplay is always good in columns games, and Downfall is no exception, but the game isn't notably better than any other columns game. The different game types help but I tended to pick one favourite game and stick with that.

A well thought out columns game that makes good use of 3D graphics.

Graphics 58%
Sound 19%
Playability 80%
Longevity 70%
Overall Score 70%
Bronze Star

Published on 12 Sep 2003
Reviewed by Mark Sheeky

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