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Peg Sweeper

Published by Mr Io Software
Price $9.95
Primary Genre Secondary Genre

We've all played solitare, not the card game that comes with Windows but that game with the little pegs where you've got to jump them one by one. Peg Sweeper is that game. The game adds a little bit to the original by adding levels with different arrangements of pegs, and some levels allow you to complete them without jumping all of the pegs.

The level selct screen. Jump! You could probably play this level using this screenshot alone.

There isn't much more to the game than that. There are four graphics sets for different level types, a very nice looking level select screen and an auto-solution viewer which is essential for these sorts of puzzle games. Pegs are dragged into place and the whole game takes about 10 seconds to learn.

The graphics and sound are good but the game is boring to play. There is very little in this virtual solitaire that isn't in the real life pocket version. No special pegs, no special holes, no innovations at all apart from different level designs. You could play this game with a pen and some squared paper!

The game is well presented, small in file size and plays in a window. It's ironic that if this did ship with Windows I'm sure millions of people would play it alongside the likes of minesweeper. I think the game would do better if it had a higher price point and more features. As it stands Peg Sweeper lacks too much depth to be fun for most people but for a first game from Mr Io software, this is a well constructed piece of work that bodes well for future releases.

Graphics 77%
Sound 50%
Playability 49%
Longevity 30%
Overall Score 57%
Bronze Star

Published on 03 Oct 2003
Reviewed by Mark Sheeky

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