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Cargo Track 3

Published by Fiorina Entertainment
Price $14.95
Primary Genre Secondary Genre

Cargo Track 3 is a Sokoban variant. A series of barrels and boxes are placed in a maze. Areas of floor can be grey, blue or green and you must push (but not pull) all of the boxes onto blue squares and the barrels on to green squares

This is the worst looking game I have reviewed so far. Slide the barrels over the green squares and the boxes ver the blue ones.

The front end screen is quite attractive but the in game graphics are very crude. There is very little visual variation and no special effects of any sort. The default view is top down but players can rotate the level by holding shift and using the arrow keys. There are no sound effects at all but you do get some average music while playing.

The game play is easy to understand and essentially turn based. The controls are nothing more than the arrow keys but you can use a joystick or pad if you desire. There are over 50 preset levels and a random level generator so there is a lot of depth, but there is nothing more to the game than pushing blocks and barrels.

My whole experience of playing Cargo Track 3 is bad, with very little playability and no enticement to persevere with the game. There are very few game play elements and even those who like Sokoban might find themselves getting bored.

There are one or two new ideas, like the barrel/box idea and the random levels, but Cargo Track 3 needs better presentation and something special to make it more interesting. By playing Cargo Track 3 and comparing it with the other games reviewed here, it becomes clear that this game in its present state would have a hard time competing for any game player's $15.

Graphics 9%
Sound 25%
Playability 36%
Longevity 50%
Overall Score 15%
No Award

Published on 07 Nov 2003
Reviewed by Mark Sheeky

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