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Published by Ultrafish
Primary Genre Secondary Genre

Puzzle games are everywhere in the PC gaming scene. Its an inevitable fact that everyone from first time developers to coding stalwarts thinks that they can create the next Tetris. With so many new releases, some are bound to be a cut above, so its with great pleasure to say that Creatrix truly is both fresh and appealing.

The main playing field. This zoom-in shows some of the devices used to build contraptions. The red blocks have been sent over by the enemy to hinder your progress.

As a reviewer, I often have trouble describing games, and Creatrix is no different. The developer, Ultrafish, do the best job; Construct your Contraptions out of a wide variety of Devices, then send them onto the Battleground to face your opponent's creations. The devices are merely a range of blocks with different properties. Placing devices together in various orders allows you to send them along a track to attack the second player, who is doing the same.

Playing the game can be very difficult to begin with, as devices have to be placed together in a certain way for them to operate best as contraptions. There are many different types of devices and you'll need to learn what they all do in order to beat the enemy. Of course life would be too easy if you were granted all device types at once, so you're instead forced to use a limited collection to make-do with until new devices are sent your way.

A good tutorial helps you get to grips with the gameplay mechanics.

The battleground is a track along the bottom of the screen where you send your finished contraptions to attack. The track has both yours and the enemies contraptions heading towards each other, and this is where you discover if your contraptions are decent fighting machines or just scrap metal.

As you progress through the game you'll encounter more devices, tougher opponents and increasing speed, and, if like me, you'll keep returning to improve your skills. Be warned that this game can consume time at a scary pace - the need to build stronger and faster contraptions can be hard to ignore!

Visuals and audio aren't as good as the gameplay and the graphics might be a turn-off for many players. The game often feels like it has two graphical styles, and the red blocks on a black background seem to age the game by a few years. If Creatrix was given the sleek polish that many online Flash-based games are given, then we would have a much improved game.

Fortunately, the ideas on display and the addictive nature of the game ensure that Creatrix isn't lost in the vast sea of PC puzzle games out there. If Ultrafish can improve the graphics and tweak the interface slightly, then Creatrix 2 could be a real winner.

Graphics 65%
Sound 70%
Playability 80%
Longevity 80%
Overall Score 75%
Silver Star

Published on 22 Oct 2004
Reviewed by Hayden Yale

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