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Latest Sea of Stars Kickstarter update

Attention all nebula dwellers! Iikka just posted the 3rd Infinite Space 3: Sea of Stars Kickstarter campaign update.

Check out some young and early concept art and consider our stretch goals --features and things we’d very much like to implement and work hard for.

1) The "Space-o-tron," a comprehensive in-game "Hitchhikers Guide" to the universe of Infinite Space. 2) Simultaneous release of Sea of Stars for Linux, Mac and Windows. 3) A deluxe combat simulator with pre-defined scenarios, a scenario editor (save and share scenarios with friends) and more!

For those who haven’t, please consider supporting the official Weird Worlds sequel, this time in full 3D. We invite you to become involved and help us make Sea of Stars a reality.

Cheers from the Purple Void, Rich Carlson & Iikka Keranen

16 Apr 2013
Submitted by Digital Eel