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Guns of Icarus Content Update (V1.2)

Guns of Icaurs Online is pleased to announce yet another major free content update to its post apocalyptic airship combat game. This update includes a new 2v2 King of the Hill map set in the burned out shell of a once great metropolis, scripted tutorials for new players, a new commendation system to award players for their sportsmanship, skill, and tutoring, and a bunch of new costumes. Additionally Guns continues to push for its first milestone stretch goal on Kickstarter with 20 days remaining. Get involved at or directly on the website at

The key features to this update include:

The Labyrinth: A 2 vs 2 King of the Hill match set in the forgotten ruins of a dark metropolis. See the map teaser video at

Scripted Tutorials: A major improvement for new fans will be actual in game tutorials for each class, including expanded text and the ability to create stationary and moving targets for target practice.

New Achievements and Commendations: To further promote new player learning each match now allows players to award commendations to people they feel were especially excellent during the match. These commendations can trigger new achievements and rewards! Additionally the level cap is now 11.

Beginner Only Matches: Lastly for new players will be a beginner only tier of play, which can be entered only by players at level 1 or by community staff who have been approved for teaching their beloved newbies.

New Costumes: Because you can never have too many hats.

New Effects: More particle effects for weapons, new flare gun model, gun handles, and maybe a bird or two.

Guns of Icarus Online is the premier airship combat game where up to 4 players man a single ship in their attempt to coordinate with their team to bring down the enemies in a variety of game modes. Adventure Mode expands on this format, creating a living online world with true player, town, and meta progression. Kickstarter backers will receive some amazing rewards for their support, including the return of the ultra-popular Bullet USB, now in a polished aluminum style as well as the original brass. More information at

Muse Games is an independent game development studio in New York City that creates original 3D games using the Unity engine. Their flagship products, CreaVures and Guns of Icarus Online, are available on Steam. Find out more at

30 Apr 2013
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