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Zombie Apocalypse Survival Indie Game

I'm making a zombie game called, "Stop the Planet: I want to get off". Yes, I know the name is weird, but it will make sense when you play the game. There are two of us developing the game in Gamemaker:Studio (yoyogames). You survive against zombie, aliens, bandits, and nature. These are the important links:

Funny Teaser Trailer:

Early Gameplay Trailer:


Steam Greenlight:

Harvest trees, berries, gold mines, etc.. using appropriate tools. Build campfires, electric fences, portable generators, Molotov cocktails, and much more. Use what youíve learned during scenarios to give you an edge. Find survivors and learn from them, unless you got them killed. Find food & water so you donít starve, protect your goods from bandits. Special events happen during death or capture. Play co-op with a friend. One mines the gold while you build defenses. Night/Day and weather effects. Open world exploration and many hours of gameplay/endless option. You have to figure out how to beat the game. There are multiple ways.

AWESOME BACKER REWARDS: Be in the game with your own portrait as bandit leader, alien, or survivor. Have all the graphics which are around 5,000... could be over 10,000 with game change/graphic additions (royalty free). Play Alpha and Beta versions. Design your own scenario other gamers will play.

Thank you! Eldon & Debora

09 May 2013
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