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Real Estate Empire - DECK

Rusty Axe have released a new version of their popular strategy game, Real Estate Empire. It's called DECK and currently comes in a downloadable PDF version that you print out. Information about Real Estate Empire - DECK can be found here:

An online version is available on the Rusty Axe website. This version will always be free to play. A more complex simulation mode will be added that includes AI players, bounty cards & death and taxes events.

Real Estate Empire DECK is the sequel to Real Estate Empire 2 and is a stream lined, faster game play experience available both as a video game and a physical game. DECK is easy to pick up and play while offering a satisfying strategy investment game experience. The card game version can be enjoyed in 30-60 minutes by 2-4 players while the video game version is much quicker and can be played in under 15 minutes.

Take turns stealing deals in foreclosure, buying on the open market, fixing houses to flip or managing them as rentals. Buy up a neighbourhood and gentrify it to increase property values. Bad tenants are easy to find but you have to earn good tenants. Bounty cards along with Death and Taxes cards change up the game so no game unfolds the same way twice!

You can download and play the card game version by clicking on the buy PDF version tab in the menu bar above. The game includes everything needed except for a single dice which you provide. Real Estate Empire DECK is an inexpensive ($4.99) card game that you can download and print out on your color home printer or take to your local print shop to have printed out.

09 May 2013
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