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Ethan: Meteor Hunter is coming this summer to PC & PS3!

Hello there!

After the appetizer a couple of weeks ago, we are glad to announce the game we're working on: Ethan: Meteor Hunter! We plan to release it this summer to digital stores on PS3 and PC.

Following unknown events, Ethan got touched by meteorites giving him the power of telekinesis: moving objects around while the world is on hold! In a journey through 3 different worlds and 50 levels, Ethan will try to regroup all the pieces of the meteorite that hit him in the first place in a tremendous puzzle-platformer adventure.

Gameplay trailer:

When we announced Seaven Studio, we said we want to bring players closer to game development. This is now concrete with the release of an Alpha Demo on our Greenlight page! This demo will allow players to give us feedback and discuss how to make the final game better! Full details on our Greenlight page!

Greenlight page:

Alpha Demo Download:

Have fun and don't forget to send back your feedback.txt ;)

14 May 2013
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