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Yet Another Bird Game Launches on iPhone

May 16, 2013 SuperSike Games ( is a flutter with the news that Yet Another Bird Game (YABG), 2012's Square Enix Game Development Contest Runner Up, is now available on the iOS store for iPhone and iPod Touch. In YABG a mad scientist who hates birds has developed "Current-X" to rid birds from their natural habitat: Electrical wires. This action game of positioning includes 6 bird types, each with their own very distinct personalities and abilities and an endless high score mode that will put players' finger tapping to the test.

Join Beanbag, Forkwing, Spartan, Scarecrow, Dr. Strangebird, and Ben in a wacky action game that takes place high above the ground on the power lines above a fair city. Screen management skills will be put to the test as each bird, with its own unique abilities and problems, has to avoid the deadly current-x! With a wacky story and strange characters Yet Another Bird Game will really worm its way into the heart of even the most hardened bird hating mad scientist.

Yet Another Bird Game is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch with a full range of achievements and leaderboards. Watch the trailer at or get it now at iTunes at


SuperSike Games is an independent mobile development studio located in New Dehli, India. Their first game, Yet Another Bird Game, was Runner Up in Square Enix's 2012 Game Development Contest and was selected for the Indie Showcase at Casual Connect Asia, 2013. More information at


17 May 2013
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