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Pixel Rush indie game for iPhone and Android

We are Mark and Alex from Pixel Heart, a newly founded little indie game studio. We have just finished our first game, PIXEL RUSH, now available on the App store and Android Play Store for free.

PIXEL RUSH is a frenzy running game with colourful pixel art graphics and retro chip tune music. The game features 6 worlds full of obstacles and power ups with arcade style gameplay.

We grew up in the 90s, when games required skill to be mastered, so we tried to recreate the same experience in PIXEL RUSH, because we believe that games must be challenging to be satisfying.

A trailer can be found via Youtube here:

If you're interested, the game can be found on the App store:

or in the Android Play Store:

Thanks for your time. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sincerely, the Pixel Heart team.

20 May 2013
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