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Cake smuggling & videogame trivia game Quiz Master Zero rele

'Quiz Master Zero and the Silky Road', a bizarre plot-driven videogame trivia game about cake smuggling, is now available on Google Play and Chrome Web Store (coming soon to Apple App Store).

Help the Quiz Master smuggle cake ingredients past evil customs agents to his girlfriend's birthday party by answering 2000+ videogame trivia questions customizable by content and obscurity as well as 100+ name-that-tune game music challenges.

Available now, Quiz Master Zero and the Silky Road offers fans of videogames a chance to test their knowledge of their hobby in the form of a videogame itself, complete with a plot, content customization, items, bosses, and endings. It also features 2 different story-free modes which function more like a simple trivia app.

Players board a train and match wits with an endless stream of overzealous customs officials working for the evil King Kuzzbill to stop any and all sweets from being brought into their kingdom, which just so happens to be where the Quiz Master's girlfriend Sally lives. Bizarrely, the customs officers interrogate the Quiz Master not regarding the contents of his luggage, but rather videogame trivia.

As luck would have it, however, he's up to the task and Sally's birthday cake is sure to turn out great! But if he misses 2 out of 3 trivia questions in a given encounter, he'll have to bribe the hypocritical officers with some of his goodies to proceed, leading to a progressively worse cake and ending, or eventually a Game Over. Additionally, the trivia content is all fully customizable by difficulty/obscurity and topic, so depending on their areas of familiarity, players won't have to be overwhelmed with questions that are too hard or bored with questions about whether Aries died.

Along the way the Quiz Master will also encounter boombox-wielding female officers who will test his knowledge of 100+ tracks of videogame music, and if he can withstand the final showdown with the evil King Kuzzbill, he'll be treated to 1 of 8 possible endings.

For those who would rather just test their knowledge without a nonsensical plot and ultimate goal, the game also offers 2 different story-free modes that allow the player to try all the questions pooled from the topic/obscurity customization settings in rapid succession.

In addition to a free demo, the full version of Quiz Master Zero and the Silky Road is now available for $1.99 on Google Play and Chrome Web Store, and will be released soon on the Apple App Store. The demo can also be played directly in most browsers at

The trailer can be viewed at

22 May 2013
Bytten News