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Gimbal Expansion One

I have some indie games news for you!

In August of 2012, I launched Gimbal, the multiplayer shooter with buildable vehicles. Since then, Gimbal has built a modest but loyal player base. After months of development, I've just now released Expansion One, which greatly expands Gimbal.

The players are very excited. This is the largest release of features since Gimbal's launch. Expansion One adds 26 new parts and four new game modes: Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Elimination Deathmatch, and Racing mode. These features add depth to the multiplayer gameplay, and work to bring Gimbal in line with my original vision. It's all very cool.

This is all a free update. Players receive the patch automatically when they run the game.

Expansion One Features List:

In other news, I am running a sale for the launch, where Gimbal is marked down to $9.99 USD from $14.99 USD, over the next week.

Gimbal is a multiplayer shooter with buildable vehicles. Players conduct team-based combat against one another, while gaining money and building bigger, better ships. Gimbal has a rigid body physics engine with aerodynamics, so all subcomponents of a ship, even unlaunched missiles, affect the speed and handling. Ships can be shared as PNG images because the ship data is stored in the PNG.

Demo URL:

I built Gimbal myself under the name 8888888 LABS. I created the code, art, sound, and music. Voice acting is by my wife, Elizabeth. The game has a custom engine, built on the XNA framework.

Colin Clark, Owner and Developer, 8888888 LABS LLC

22 May 2013
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