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New RPG - Make Your Own Diablo, Secret of Mana, or Zelda!

Have you ever wanted to make your own computer role-playing game, but lacked the programming skills or funding necessary to use gaming engines?

Eyeshock Studios is currently developing Cymbil Spellcraft, a multiplayer roleplaying game for multiple platforms. Cymbil promises lots of nostalgic gameplay, heavily borrowing game mechanics from RPGs of the 16 bit era. The most unique aspect of the games development is the Spellcraft editor, which allows players to create their own adventures without coding or scripting experience.

Erik Thacker, ex-Air Force sergeant turned game developer, promises the editor delivered to players will have the same potential gamemaking capabilities as the tools used to develop Cymbil Spellcraft; that would mean hobbyist game makers who lack the technical know-how to use game engines or create mods would have an outlet exploring their ideas.

The screenshots released by Eyeshock Studios demonstrate an ‘in-game’ editor system that uses an unconventional ‘walkthrough’ mode. Players mold and build their maps using assets in the included library, or by importing in new assets they create in third part editors. After the map is completed, players go into a third person perspective and navigate the map exactly like a player would in the completed version. While in 'walkthrough’ mode, triggers can be placed that cause dynamic events like shattering objects, spawning monsters, or dialogue with NPCs. Eyeshock is really pushing the editor system, but also promise a very immersive and exciting gaming experience for players simply interested in a 3D update to their 16 bit favorites. The titular character Cymbil must band with characters from rival factions and journey across present-day Earth, in a timeline changed by magic. The inherent conflict of this band of heroes promises lots of compelling cut scenes, and vast opportunity for character development.

Cymbil Spellcraft is currently under evaluation by the Kickstarter community, and if Eyeshock Studios gets the funding they need, the Spellcraft Editor and Cymbil will be released in late 2014.

The Cymbil Spellcraft kickstarter can be found at

Cymbil Website

Cymbil Spellcraft Kickstarter Trailer

26 May 2013
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