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Insection first pre-alpha Walkthrough Video

I am Stathis, a Glasswing Studio team member, and I'd like to inform you about our new co-op FPS game, called Insection.

Insection will throw you back into your favorite moments from the Classic sci-fi shooters and films you loved, aiming to create the best 4 Player Co-Op experience. In order to create that, Insection is set in a sci-fi universe crammed with enough aliens, marines, spaceships and action to cause a burst in the chest of any sci-fi gamer.

1-4 players (co-op and bot support); Classic sci-fi story; Fun alien insect-slashing action; Goal based gameplay; Skill based adaptive AI; Highly detailed and vibrant environments.

You play the game as one of the 'Good Guys', a rag tag crew of 4 military veterans that pursue a career in the newly inhabited universe doing any job available, from 'cargo' escort to 'clean-up' operations, for any individual or corporation that can pay with cold hard credits. As one of the 4 characters: Dante, Derek, Dona or Dylan, you will progress through the story by completing goals in the mission while shredding through alien insects hordes with your own 'crew'.

Insection takes place in a futuristic universe, a couple hundred years from now. After the Final World War, mankind inhabited other planets and has spread around the universe with their first stop being New Earth.

Our team is summoned by OMNIA Industries, a corporation holding the monopoly around the Universe in almost everything. OMNIA sends the team to regain control of space, trade and mining stations -even whole planets- that are threatened by a new unknown alien insect species, that is spreading around the galaxy.

With miners, scientists and marines having their faces melted off by alien monsters, the team takes action and in the process discovers OMNIA Industries' involvement with the 'bugs' and the massive infestation that is about to tear mankind to shreds.

The game is being developed using Unity Engine and is now in pre-alpha stage. We are aiming to submit Insection to Steam Greenlight in the following weeks.

Being highly interested in the community's feedback we set up a mailing list in our website ( from which you can sign up for beta and continuous updates.

Insection website:

28 May 2013
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