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X3: Albion Prelude 3.0 - Shady Business release

Egosoft, a Germany-based game developer since 1990, announced today the release of X3: Albion Prelude 3.0 - Shady Business through STEAM.

A video showcasing this new major update to the X3 Universe is available as highquality download from here and can be seen here on Youtube:

With the Shady Business Update X3: Albion Prelude receives three unique new plot lines and for the first time can be completely controlled with gamepads! New ships, new sectors, new gamestarts and new generic missions round of this big update to the X3 Universe.

X3: Albion Prelude 3.0 - Shady Business is available as a free update to everybody who owns X3: Albion Prelude. The game can be bought in the X3: Terran War Pack bundle or the ultimate collection of the classic X Universe, the X Superbox.

NEW FEATURES: Controller mode to play the X3 games on a big screen TV for the first time; The "Shady Business" plot; The "Corporation Troubles" plot; The "Breaking Grounds" plot; New sectors, new gamestarts and new generic missions; Largest X Universe so far.

X3: Albion Prelude 3.0 - Shady Business will be released for LINUX as STEAMPLAY beta by the end of May 2013 and later in 2013 for Mac OS X. X3: Reunion and X3: Terran Conflict are available TODAY as STEAMPLAY beta for Linux and later this year for Mac OS X. All X games are compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), Windows Vista (SP1+) , Windows XP (SP2+)

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EGOSOFT, founded in 1990, is one of Germany’s leading game developers. Its team of industry veterans and dedicated game enthusiasts entered the international stage with the widely-acclaimed X-Beyond the Frontier space simulation game in 1999. EGOSOFT is now exclusively dedicated to setting new standards in the space game genre and continuing to improve the gameplay experience for fans of the X Universe. For more information on EGOSOFT and its products visit

29 May 2013
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