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Could you introduce yourself to our readers and tell them a little bit about StarWraith Games?
I am the founder of StarWraith 3D Games and developer of the Star Wraith series, RiftSpace, Evochron, and Arvoch Conflict. I've been developing space games since the mid 80ís. I've been dedicated to developing space games on the PC platform ever since. I started SW3DG in 1999, when I began to devote more time and energy into developing 3D space combat and trading games

Your title, Evochron Alliance, has been around for awhile, though it has recently been upgraded to 2.0 status. Now you have released a new game, Arvoch Conflict. What is the range of different locations and mission types in these two titles?
The range is quite diverse both in terms of gameplay and locations. Evochron Alliance 2.0 is a freeform space trading game that gives the player control over when and where they engage in various activities. They can review contracts, then accept or reject them as desired. The player can mine asteroids and planets for valuable resources to later sell or trade. They can explore for hidden benefits, transport commodities, transfer ships/weapons, and a variety of other activities. And the player can complete these objectives without being required to travel a particular path or follow a linear story, they are free to play the game how they want to at their own pace.

Arvoch World

Arvoch Conflict could be described as a more traditional mission based space combat game, but it expands on the theme in several ways. Rather than just combat roles, the player also completes non-combat objectives such as constructing shield defense networks, mining for resources, reconnaissance, pilot rescue, and item recovery. Locations are varied as in Evochron Alliance and also include seamless transitions.

What will sets your games apart from other first-person space-based games? Will the gameplay actually be different in any significant ways?.
The gameplay variety and environment interaction of both games set them apart from others in the genre. As mentioned previously, Arvoch Conflict features several objectives beyond what you typically find in space combat games. You can complete several of them without having to fire a single shot, which is quite a departure from the fly-and-destroy-something gameplay normally associated with the theme. Players learn to master a tractor beam as well as a cannon. Unique technology such as cloaking devices and EMP weapons give the player additional strategic options for missions such as spying and item recovery. And unlike other space games, the campaign itself can be modified to suit the playerís preferences and strategies. They can change their launch location, adjust enemy or friendly forces, move objects in the environment, and change difficulty.

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