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ME2 Studio
Indie/Mobile games.... Full profile...

Bright Head Games Studio
About Bright Head Games Brighthead Games is based in Dublin, Ireland. We are a company who develop our own game titles for windows and mobile platforms. Aswell as developing viral branded games, quizzes and puzzles for social networks. We develop games... Full profile...

GondeFire Productions Inc
Gondefire Productions is a small indie team of 2 from Michigan... Full profile...

Membrane Software
Membrane Software creates free applications for the computer users of the world.... Full profile...

OneSmartBunny, LLC
OneSmartBunny is a independent game studio based in Charlotte, North Carolina. OneSmartBunny was founded so that we could give back to the community of gamers and game developers that we have been a part of for so long. Combining brilliant technology w... Full profile...

8888888 LABS
8888888 LABS is an independent video game development studio based in Michigan. 8888888 LABS makes the games that the rest of the industry has refused to deliver.... Full profile...

Matthias Falk
Web entrepreneur and aspiring indie game dev. Love retro stuff.... Full profile...

Machine 22
One man independent game development company located in Canada and run by Dave 'Over00' Toulouse.... Full profile...

Celestial Games
We are an indie games company that was founded in 1994. We released 3 games in the 18 years that we have been open. We have recently redone our most successful game in HD and have a number of other titles currently on the drawing board.... Full profile...

Totxa Games
We are Totxa games, a young Indie videogame team composed by Adrian Anta Programmer Alex Alonso Graphic and music designer. ... Full profile...