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Imminent Games
Imminent Games is an independent video game company made up of video game industry veterans, Thomas Konkol and Blake Drolson. During his seventeen years as a video game artist, animator, and art director, Thomas has worked on such games as Dragon's La... Full profile...

Yellow Snow Games
Yellow Snow Games is a one-man shop that has just released it's first game, Partisan Nation, a political simulator.... Full profile...

David Walters Development
Creating games independently in the UK since January 2011.... Full profile...

Quo Vadis Studios
Quo Vadis is an indie game development group based out of QUT from the Bachelor of Games and Interactive Entertainment Final year project. The Developers of the soon to be massively popular FPS Tower Defence Game Hippie Swarm.... Full profile...

Jungle Troll Entertainment
My name is Mihai Cozma and Jungle Troll is my indie game development brand. I am a solo developer acting as game designer, programmer and visual artist and also collaborating with other freelancers that provide part of the art needed for my games. My goal ... Full profile...


grey may LLC
grey may LLC was started by two bros in wheelchairs, Marcus and Christopher Schwab. They were looking for a good way to work from home and decided that app development was worth a shot. One year ago they began learning programming and design, and now they ... Full profile...

Moment Studio
Moment Studio is Bill Borman, an independent software developer and audio engineer based in New Zealand. Moment Studio was originally created as a recording studio to handle music releases. In 2012, Moment Studio also became an independent software house.... Full profile...

Alien Octopus Studio
Alien Octopus Studio is an independent game development studio with a focus on casual games for the PC, Mac, HTML5, and Android/iOS mobile devices.... Full profile...

My Electrical Romance
My Electrical Romance is a local independent game developer, located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.... Full profile...