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Random Act Games
Independent video game developer with fourteen years of software development experience. Specializing in PC games for the casual and power players. Games are focused on replayability, strategy and action.... Full profile...

My Electrical Romance
My Electrical Romance is a local independent game developer, located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia... Full profile...

Black Forest Games
A newly founded studio in Offenburg, Germany, trying to publish the independent game "Project Giana".... Full profile...

Zatobo Games
We are a small entrepreneurial company of indie game developers working on our first title. Our team has a mutual love of the media of games, and having taken much from the great products out already, decided to turn our respective talents to creating some... Full profile...

Mindwedge is a small independent game studio in Aurora, Illinois. Founded in 2000, Mindwedge strives to make fun, quality games that the bigger companies would have trouble getting green-lit, with original themes and styles. Our first title, "Monster ... Full profile...

brucefilm sas
BRUCEfilm is an italian film and videogame production house that has been active since 2001. It is always seeking an effective way to merge movies and games to create a unique kind of entertainment.... Full profile...

Nuclear Wombat
Nuclear Wombat is an indie-developer currently consisting of Matthias Zarzecki. Their big games are Unstoppaball DX (for iOS) and Badass Locomotive 8for PC & Mac)... Full profile...

Fresh Aces Videogames
After a decade-long career making mainstream games for the big publishers, I decided to "go indie" for lots of reasons, the main one being, I wanted a more intimate relationship with the games I was making. As an indie, I'd have no one to an... Full profile...

Screwtape Studios
Screwtape Studios is a new independent development studio based in Brisbane, Australia.... Full profile...

tuttifrutti interactive
tuttifrutti interactive is a casual game development studio launched with a vision to develop games that would be loved by "gamers beyond barriers" ... Full profile...