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Flatspace IIk

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The Ten Most Recent Reviews

Silver Star
Oh dear. This is always a danger when reviewing games for Bytten - I have already lost countless hours. Gimbal is one of the most addictive offerings we've had in some time and my work is suffering as a result. Yesterday I decided to have a quick game... Full review...

Bronze Star
TombClimber II
Scattered across the world, seven parts of an ancient key have been located. In the wrong hands, this key could bring about disaster. There's only one thing to do - some brave adventurer needs to collect them all up. What we need is a professor of arc... Full review...

Bronze Star
Move The Muzzy!
Aliens are invading! Again! This time, the nefarious nasties are known as Muzzies, and they are immune to all our defences - but they have one weakness. When three or more Muzzies of the same colour are lined up together, they will disappear. Your task, th... Full review...

Silver Star
War Pigeons Unbounded
They were supposed to be the perfect weapon. Small, able to breed quickly, highly explosive and of course airborne, they would have been cheap and deadly in any war. And then they escaped... One man stands between them and the end of the world. One man wit... Full review...

Silver Star
Masters of Backgammon
Backgammon. It's an old game, older than chess according to some, and much easier to learn. There are two sides - one light, one dark - scattered across a board. Your aim is to get all your pieces home and off the board before your opponent does the s... Full review...

Silver Star
Dark Scavenger
It's not been a good day. Drifting through space with just a bunch of old junk, encountering the mysterious and sinister creature known only as Den (and fighting to avoid being Den's dinner), it looked as though the end was near. Then, from nowhe... Full review...

Gold Star
Defense Zone 2 HD for iOS
Enemy forces are moving in. Between us and them is a small area of no man's land. We know the routes the enemy must take. With our resources stretched, you must place our defenses where they can do the most good. We have a range of turrets to choose f... Full review...

Bronze Star
Partisan Nation
It's the run-up to the election. Democrats and Republicans square up against each other, looking to win the senate, the presidency, the hearts and minds of the populace. Pick a side, and lead your party to victory. There are campaigns to run, funds to... Full review...

Gold Star
Bridge Project
As you might have guessed from the title, Bridge Project is a physics game where the player attempts to construct a bridge across a gap, and then test that construction by way of sending vehicles over it, ships under it, and natural disasters to play havoc... Full review...

Silver Star
Toxic Bunny HD
Take a blender, preferably a large one. Add several cups of strong coffee, some radioactive waste, weapons-grade explosive hamsters (okay, that one might be tricky), a list of the most dreadful puns imaginable, the entire cast of Warner Bros' cartoons... Full review...

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