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A Big Byte of Games
Welcome to Bytten Reviews. In 2003 we decided to review indie PC games and we published a new game review each week, give or take, until 2013.

We've stopped reviewing games but will keep our old reviews on the site for the time being. We would like to thank every developer who submitted a game or news item, every advertiser, and every visitor who still reads our reviews.

We don't accept new game reviews or press releases so please remove our address from any mailing lists.

Classic Reviews

Gold Star
Tropical Swaps 2, published 10 Oct 2008
Fancy a working holiday? No, don't worry, we're not sticking you in a call centre on the Costa del Sol - this is fun stuff. Ever fancied spending some time on an island paradise, helping out with fruit smoothies, souvenier making and the evening ... Full review...

Silver Star
Optimus Apparatus, published 25 Sep 2008
Long ago, there was a game called Thrust. The concept was simple, but the game itself was not - you control a spacecraft, and by controlled bursts of thrust (hence the title) your aim was to navigate a cavern and land safely on the required pad. The ever p... Full review...

Silver Star
Loco Mogul, published 03 Oct 2008
Every serious scholar of American history could tell you the way the west was really won. Im sure it had a lot to do with two parallel lines of steel, stretching for as far as the eye could see into the vast 10 x 10 matrix of uncharted land squares sprawl... Full review...

Gold Star
Zatikon, published 28 Nov 2008
Let's get this out of the way right from the start. Zaticon is an ugly looking game. It's about as attractive to look at as a bulldog chewing a bee. A java application that opens up 3 windows that on my cramped 1024x768 desktop all overlap each o... Full review...

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